7 tips for choosing the best house painter in Auckland

There are a lot of house painters in Auckland out there vying for your hard-earned money, and finding the right contractor for the job is often easier said than done.

Ready to separate the best from the rest? This article is for you. To help you make the selection process a little easier, we’ve rounded up seven essential tips to keep in mind when choosing a house painter in Auckland

1. Do your homework

Start by considering the scope of the project. Whether you’re sprucing up a room or doing large-scale renovations, defining the requirements of the project will allow you to narrow down your choices when choosing a house painter. 

Research potential house painters by looking at online reviews and asking friends and family for recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask for past examples of a painter’s previous projects to get a better idea of the quality of their work and whether the results align with your expectations. 

2. Get at least three quotes

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend getting estimates from at least three house painters before making any decisions. 

When weighing up your options, remember that price is just one piece of the puzzle. The quality of your paintwork can directly impact the look, feel and value of your property, so it’s important to find a painter who can deliver a high-quality finish (that will last) while working within your budget. 

3. Discuss your options

Working with an experienced house painter gives you the opportunity to tap into their professional expertise and apply it to your own project, so take the time to discuss your project and ask for their feedback and opinions. A good painter can offer insight into the different types of finishes, advise you on which paints will work best with your building materials and provide a range of solutions to help you achieve a successful project outcome. 

4. Looking for an environmentally responsible painter 

While sustainability has become an increasingly important topic in the painting industry in recent years, the way contractors approach their environmental responsibility varies from company to company. 

Here at Blackbird Projects, we’re proud to be Resene Eco.Decorators, a certification that recognises environmentally responsible and quality-focused painting contractors. As part of the programme, we’re audited annually to ensure we’re meeting certification criteria, which includes using sustainable paint systems, managing waste in an environmentally responsible manner and abiding by Resene’s strict quality standards. 

5. Talk about prep work

Good preparation is perhaps the most important – and most commonly overlooked – step in a successful painting project. 

The quality of the prep work directly influences the results of the paintwork, so a good painter will usually spend a significant amount of time scraping away flaked paint, sealing gaps and thoroughly cleaning away surface contaminants. This ensures the paint can properly adhere to the painting surfaces and prevents the paint from prematurely peeling, cracking and flaking. 

With this in mind, be sure to talk to your prospective painter about the condition of your painting surfaces and how they’ll approach the prep work. 

6. Ask questions

There’s a lot of trust involved with hiring anyone to work on your home, so don’t be afraid to ask some questions to ensure your prospective painter will be a good fit. 

Below are some possible questions to ask your painter: 

  • How long have you been in business?
  • What paint products do you use?
  • Who’s responsible for cleaning up afterward?
  • How long will the painting take?
  • Do you have some references I could talk to? 
  • What is your warranty period? 

7. Communication

Painting is very much a collaborative process between painter and client, and open communication is crucial for ensuring that the finished result aligns with your original vision. 

What does this mean in practical terms? Simply put, it means that the best painters know how to communicate effectively to simplify the renovation process. They’ll listen to your ideas, always be prepared to answer any questions you might have and provide you with expert advice to help you get the most out of your project. 

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